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by The Meltaways

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We still have some 7"s on coke bottle clear vinyl. Shoot us an email if you're interested!

"Forget the musically watered down and the visually sharpened up: The Meltaways are the real deal. It's often harsh, but within this EP lies a power and belief that is an easy match for Huggy Bear, for Bikini Kill and Red Aunts. Dear Kathleen...despite so many who seem to have misunderstood, your musical manifesto lives on."

"...the tracks below include some of their best yet. The A-side is filled with bold, declarative political statements: echoes of 'Admit you’re living each day in denial' and 'I’ve had enough' ring throughout, bolstered by the band’s breakneck speed and rousing vocals. The back half takes on a more personal bent, and my favorite is closer HOME, an anxious and knotty rager about mental health and finding someone who can stick it out with you through the worst."
-James Rettig, STEREOGUM

"With FLIGHT, the trio deliver a no-nonsense, lightening-bolt of a song. Soaring guitar leads shine in the lo-fi production, and a driving drum beat ushers the track forward. The band sticks with a familiar loud-soft-loud structure but delivers the track's verses and hooks with an infectious abandon. The urgency and honesty of the performance brings the listener into the tracks's fight or flight mindset inherent in its fist-pumping grooves."
-Michael Kolb, ADHOC

"Four raw, powerful punk anthems between the classic punk rock of the Slits and the riot grrrl attitude of Bratmobile that deal with mental health and political positioning. The Meltaways are a power trio"
-Florian Zandt, VISIONS

"One thing that's immediately clear about The Meltaways is that they don't have time for your shit. I wouldn't be surprised if they retroactively inspired safety pins in stockings or set the standard for how to scoff at sellouts, in an unblinking show of I-don't-give-a-fuck. Their tracks are wiry whirlpools that'll spike your heart rate even in their wake....The Meltaways have more than a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to shattering expected tropes, and this 7" proves they’re worth a closer look."
-Kelly Kirwan, THRDCOAST


released October 1, 2016

All songs written and performed by Allie Brasch, Beck Kitsis, and Maddy Strassler

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Danny Rose at Rose Studios in Brooklyn

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What's For Breakfast? Records 2016



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The Meltaways New York



upcoming shows:

6/15 @ bar matchless w/ gland (nola), psychos only, milkmaid ii, and sub space

6/17 LAST SHOW @ silent barn w/ special guest TrOLl' SLANce, giant peach, human people, and dj munrox
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Track Name: Friends First
Gate keeper, friends first
Hate to burst
Your bubble
Admit you're living each day in denial
Admit you're really wrong
Won't keep up with your buzz stuff
Not cool enough for your fake friends
Track Name: Enough
I've had enough, we can't sustain on chemistry
I cut you off, in dreams it all comes back to me
I can't ignore that you bow down to distant structures
It's such a bore, and I just want those walls to crumble
I won't waste my time, I'll never compromise
You're spinning plates, and I just wanna break them all
How can you see past the flag that veils your eyes?
I'll exercise my right to run away this time
Track Name: Home
Can't tell you why it happens
Can't tell you when
I clench my jaw hard, squeeze my wrists, you hold me till the end
I know I'm sick, it makes me sick the way I lose control
Will you still stick with me or will this get old?
I know I'm sick, it makes me sick the way I lose control
But will you still stick with me? You should just go home
You know they always fold
Love always takes its toll
You know they always fold
With you, I'm home
I chomp my lip, you kiss my lips, I know it's in my head
But this discomfort is so strong it just might leave me dead
I know I'm sick, it makes me sick that you're still in my hold
Wanna let go, can't take this guilt, you should just go home
Track Name: Flight
Passed out in Flint Park under the sky
Where there are hundreds of planes passing us by in patterns unknown to man or machine
I sit smoking with you because you tolerate me
I hate being alone with you, I know what it was
I hate being alone with me, I know what it was
Driving your car down to the Sound
Mourning our youth as lost before we've really found what it means to grow up and leave home
You'll find yourself, I know, we smoke and talk, you drive me home